Mongol IT: Insert image as BLOB into DB using stored procedure.

You need first to declare your package : CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE IMAGE ASPROCEDURE load(filename VARCHAR2);PROCEDURE get(name varchar2);end;/ then you specify your package CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY IMAGE AS PROCEDURE load(filename VARCHAR2) ASf_lob BFILE;b_lob BLOB;image_name VARCHAR2(30);mime_type VARCHAR2(30);dot_pos NUMBER;BEGINdot_pos := INSTR(filename,’.’);image_name := filename; –SUBSTR(filename,1,dot_pos-1);mime_type := ‘image/’||SUBSTR( filename,dot_pos 1,length(filename) ); INSERT INTO images values(image_name,mime_type,empty_blob() )RETURN contentRead More

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Stack Exchange log in | careers | about | faq Stack Overflow Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered Ask Question Free Online Private SVN repositories ‘); document.write(”); up vote 69 down vote favorite 54 Can people recommend an good free online SVN repository? I found but the message in red is a bit scary. svnRead More

OAuth / TestCases

Here are test cases for OAuth algorithms. To discuss this page, please use the Test Cases thread in the Google Group OAuth. There are several interactive tools that implement OAuth algorithms: Netflix web page to compute signatures (by JR Conlin) Googlecode web page to compute signatures (by John Kristian) Mashery Windows application (by Rob Richards)  Parameter Encoding (section 5.1)  In thisRead More

it’s my blog: Oracle PL/SQL function to split strings into tokens

select get_token(‘foo,bar,baz’,1), — ‘foo’ get_token(‘foo,bar,baz’,3), — ‘baz’ — get_token(‘a,,b’,2), — ” (null) get_token(‘a,,b’,3), — ‘b’ — get_token(‘a|b|c’,2,‘|’), — ‘b’ get_token(‘a|b|c’,4,‘|’) — ” (null) from dual / via