MicroStrategy and Windows 8 (1)

Trying to install MicroStrategy Desktop on Windows 8 Developer Preview you may get this error:

MSTR setup tries to install .NET framework. Windows 8 come with .NET 4 and you also have the option to enable 3.5.1 in the operating system.

For further details see the article:


After enabling .NET framework you should be able to install the software.

Once installed the icons are created in the start page of Metro UI.

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0 thoughts on “MicroStrategy and Windows 8 (1)

  1. Hi,

    I am unble to install microstrategy on windows8,getting windows authentication missing.
    could you please suggest me

    1. Hello Rajesh,

      two thinks come to my mind: are you installing it being connected with an administrator account?
      Is IIS correctly installed with the proper authentication options enabled (basic, windows)?


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