MicroStrategy and LinkedIn

With custom SSO it is possible to allow users log into MicroStrategy using their LinkedIn account. By leveraging the OAuth API offered by the social network we can authorize and create new users without previously knowing their names. Once validated and connected it’s simple to use they user ID to retrieve profile, groups or even post to the network update stream.

See an example at: http://moraschi.eu/MicroStrategy

You will be asked to authorize the application to access your LinkedIn account,

and you’re in.

To revoke authorization, from the Home page in LinkedIn, go to the menu with your name in the upper right corner and click <Settings>; in the settings page click on <Groups, Companies & Applications> link, then on <View your Applications>. From this page you can remove Euro-Strategy from the list.

please post feedbacks here or mail them to euostat.microstrategy@gmail.com



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