Microsoft Power BI to be generally available on July, 24 2015

Few days ago microsoft announced that the preview phase of Power BI is now over and the product will be launched later this month.

The Power BI that was available in SharePoint and Office 365 will be superseded. This means that Power View (the Silverlight powered dashboard) will cease to exist.

<my personal note>Given that Microsoft recently aquired DATAZEN, I suppose this Power BI will also have a very short life-span.</my personal note>

It will feature a Desktop component and a cloud based hosting service. Free accounts for up to 1GB of data.

It will be able to access both on-premise and cloud data and more connectors will be added after the launch. One point worth noting is that Microsoft released the code of the visualizations on GitHub, allowing developers to add their own D3.js (or other javascript) based charts under MIT license. This means that we could write plug-ins to embed into Power BI, but I have no clear idea whether we’ll be able to embed Power BI functionalities in our own web pages/applications.

What is your overall impression with this new BI tool?

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