Pin an Excel chart/pivot table to a Power BI dashboard

According to this post on the official Power BI blog it is now possible to bring your Excel file into a Power BI dataset as a whole (not only importing data); and use portions of it as tiles on your dashboard. Wow: you can (re)use your carefully crafted charts and amazingly engineered pivot tables in a web-shareableRead More

Twitter Trending Topics by Location, Date (PowerBi WordCloud)

One of the things I like the most about Power BI is the ability to use custom visuals. I did not try building one myself and honestly I think it’s beyond my skills, yet there is a gallery with a growing number of pre-build viz that you can download and use. Go to andRead More

There OAuth to be a better way (Power BI)

Edit: The base URL has changed from to  OAuth is clearly becoming the de-facto standard for authenticating API calls around the web. In the business intelligence arena, while we can discuss its pros and cons, we undoubtedly must get acquainted with it because sooner or later we’ll be tasked with importing data fromRead More