A map, a map! My kingdom for a Choropleth map! (Power BI)

One of the most fascinating aspect of Business Intelligence is the power to picture data in an easy to understand way. I personally like maps a lot, not the google or bing type with lots of circular points which give very low added value to the information, but the Choropleth maps. Those shaped areas withRead More

There OAuth to be a better way (Power BI)

Edit: The base URL has changed from https://api.powerbi.com/beta/myorg to https://api.powerbi.com/v1.0/myorg.  OAuth is clearly becoming the de-facto standard for authenticating API calls around the web. In the business intelligence arena, while we can discuss its pros and cons, we undoubtedly must get acquainted with it because sooner or later we’ll be tasked with importing data fromRead More