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Teaching SQL new tricks

Charla en la Universidad Pablo de Olavide

MasterClass Big Data - Análisis predictivo con Azure Machine Learning Studio

Statistics 101 for DB Dummies

SQL Cheat sheet for The “AVERAGE” DB Guy Few years ago an article on CNBC defined data analysis “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”. I wouldn't be so optimistic, but certainly it is becoming more and more demanded by the day. There is high demand for big data professionals, ETL specialists, data architects and statisticians. Traditionally, and until some time ago, database developers and administrators were considered as far from “sexy” as it could possibly be; nowadays, as the article recalls, “There are a lot of folks who can spell Hadoop and put it on their résumé and call…

Free MicroStrategy training in Seville (students and unemployed only)

Espacio RES (@espacio_RES) is organizing in Seville a 2 week Business Intelligence course with MicroStrategy and SQL Server. SELECT CONVERT(DATE,'20161114',112) AS [Start Date], CONVERT(DATE,'20161127',112) AS [End Date] The course is free for students and unemployed professionals. The classes will be held in English from Mon to Fri (9am - 2pm). I will be the main teacher, with some little help from colleagues and friends in the BI sector. Please see this document: introduction-to-business-intelligence-with-microstrategy for more information, and contact hola@espacio-res.org to apply